Tuesday, 14 June 2011

4YallEntertainment's First Blog!

    So,  since this is our first blog, we should give a little introduction to 4YallEntertainment and say a little about the group and what we do.  So the group is composed of four main actors.  Going from oldest to youngest, we have 18 year old Jermaine (@JaeRichards on Twitter).  Next, is Jermaine's younger brother, 17 year old Trevaunn (@Trey_Richards).  Then we have twin one of two, 15 year old Durran (@Durran_Ferg).  And finally, twin two of two, Duwayne (@WayneFerg).  Aside from the four main actors, there a few actors who will be seen in our videos from time to time including Ryan (@MixxSoSwavy) and LeVar (@LevarLewis).  Our most important part of the group which keeps us going is our supporters!  If you watch, like or share our videos, you ARE on our team! If you don't know this by now, WE MAKE COMEDY SKITS!  Our skits are all focused on one thing: to entertain you!  We will be creating various skits including parodies, commercials, PSAs and also our own stories.  All of our comedy skits are posted on Youtube and can be found by following various links on this page including this one.  Our main goal is to continue to entertain people and get as much viewers and supporters as possible.  So if you like our videos, we need YOU to share and support what you believe in!  Show your friends, show your teachers, show your neighbours, show your granny!  We look forward to continuing from our promising start, which we can only thank our supporters for.

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